The Social Knowledge Network for Good

About MindMeet

MindMeet is the easiest way for people around the world to fundraise for their favorite charitable causes by sharing their unique expertise.

MindMeet makes it easy for people to give and get advice for social good. It’s a fun and effective tool for professionals to share their unique expertise and personal journeys with their social network and beyond while raising money for their favorite charitable cause. MindMeets are exciting 15-minute virtual meeting experiences where the fee is set by the advice-giver and paid by the advice-seeker. Once a meeting concludes, the funds are then securely transferred to the advice-giver's charity or nonprofit organization of choice.

By removing the friction of geographic, cultural, and industry-specific barriers, MindMeet mobilizes human knowledge for good. Join us today to lay a foundation for a new reality together, one MindMeet at a time!