Knowledge is valuable. Sharing is priceless. We put the two together and made MindMeet. Welcome to the consciousness-driven knowledge network. MindMeet’s mission is to unlock human knowledge for the greater good.

Simply, MindMeet is the easiest way for people anywhere in the world to share their knowledge and raise money for their charity and themselves.

Savvy about start-ups? Brilliant at BIM modeling? Genius gardener? Or, simply want to mentor a recent college grad on their first job interview. now you can...

  • Earn additional income simply by sharing your genius. (Win).
  • If you don't need the extra money, easily donate it to a cause or charity of your choice. (Win)
  • More importantly, your advice could change everything for someone else. (Win)
We call that a win win win… it is a new way to love. It is the future of work.

We launched MindMeet to create a platform for a seamless exchange of knowledge. We merged calendaring, direct payments to charity and created a beautiful way for people anywhere in the world to share their advice, wisdom, best practices, and experience in bite size slots. Whether you decide to take a MindMeet in person or virtually, we’ve created a platform to connect you with people in need of your expertise, while earning money for charity or yourself.