MindMeet is the easiest way for people anywhere in the world to share their knowledge, inspire others, and raise money for charity. Fees are set by the knowledge giver and are donated directly to his or her designated charity.  

MindMeet’s intention is to raise the awareness of our world by extending the sharing economy to include our collective global knowledge. We can catapult our consciousness to a higher level when we are connected and conversing. 

We launched MindMeet to bridge passionate experts with those seeking inspiration, knowledge, or wisdom. We believe that every person is both in life. 

Our platform fosters a seamless exchange of information to inspire people and enrich lives in the process. By merging technologies like calendaring and direct payments to charity, MindMeet is a novel way for people anywhere in the world to exchange knowledge (virtually or in-person) in bite-size time slots. 

We recognize the transformational power of receiving the right advice at the right time in our human experiences. For this reason, we created MindMeet: to democratize knowledge, and to translate the intangible and often inexpressible aspects of people, ideas, and innovation into a conversation that is open to all. 

Join us today. Let’s lay a foundation for a new reality together, one MindMeet at a time!

In Love and Magic,
Chinedu and Pamela