Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindMeet?

MindMeet is a social knowledge network that enables people anywhere in the world to share their knowledge, inspire others, and raise money for charity. You will have access to great minds, ideas and advice from experts in various fields. MindMeets are available through in-person or virtual meetings in time slots of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour.

How much does it cost to MindMeet someone?

The fees for each fifteen minute MindMeet vary as the expert sets them. MindMeet will send all of the proceeds we collect from your meetings to the expert’s designated charity, minus a 15% administrative fee.

Do I need to have special skills before I can request a meeting/meet with someone?

You’re perfect just the way you are. Knowledge is valuable and sharing it makes it even better. You can search for anyone in a field you are interested in and request a meeting with them. Simply register for a MindMeet profile and begin your knowledge seeking quest by searching through the pool of expert minds and request a meeting with a person you are interested in exchanging knowledge with.

How do I set up a MindMeet with someone?

After registering for your MindMeet profile, you can search for people to meet. Simply type the name of a person in the search box, click on the person’s name to view their profile, select “Request a meeting” and provide more information on how and why you would like to meet the person. Submit your request, and the person will coordinate with you based on their schedule and availability. You will also be able to suggest alternative times if the selected times are inconvenient.

How do I cancel or reschedule a MindMeet meeting?

You can easily manage your meetings through your MindMeet account. After you have requested a meeting, you will see the person’s name under “People you want to meet” in the My Meetings section. Under “action” you may opt to cancel the meeting or reschedule it (once the meeting has been confirmed by both parties).

What if the person does not show up for an in-person meeting?

If you paid to meet with an expert and the person does not show up for the meeting, your card will not be charged. The meeting will either be cancelled or rescheduled as you request.

Can I share my MindMeet profile on other platforms?

Definitely! We would love for you to spread MindMeet’s love and magic to other platforms. On your profile page, you have the option of posting a link to your MindMeet profile on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or email. You also have two customized links - one to view your public profile and one for people to request a meeting with you - which you can alternatively copy and share with others.

How do I raise money for my charity through MindMeet?

You can also raise money for your own charity by registering and allowing others to meet with you. You simply complete your profile, designate charity and select a fee for your MindMeets. This option is available when you sign up for a MindMeet account. You may also edit your rate and charity info later on in your profile page. The funds obtained from your meeting go to your charity.

How does the money I raise go to my charity?

When you sign up to MindMeet you will be prompted to designate a charity from our long list of charity partners, as part of your sign up process. We contact the charity and notify them that they have been selected by you to receive the proceeds from any of your MindMeets. If you’d like to designate a charity that is not in our system, we will contact them and ask if they are interested in becoming affiliated with MindMeet. Once the charity is designated, MindMeet will send all of the proceeds we collect from your meetings to the charity, minus a 15% administrative fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay using credit cards or PayPal as a form of payment.