Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindMeet?

MindMeet is a social knowledge network that enables people anywhere in the world to give and get advice, all while raising money for charities and non-profit organizations.

How does MindMeet work?

MindMeets are video calls between Advice givers (a.k.a. experts from all different fields) and advice seekers. Think of it as a professional “pick your brain over coffee” meeting, but brought online and made globally accessible. Most importantly, these MindMeets raise money for charitable causes. Advice Givers select the charity they’d like to support, and Advice seekers pledge funds to the charitable organization.

What are MindMeet campaigns?

MindMeet campaigns are 30-day fundraising campaigns that allow people to harness the full power of their networks in order to support the causes they’re passionate about. You can support an existing MindMeet campaign or create one yourself.

How do I set up a MindMeet with someone?

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to MindMeet with, click on the “Pledge to chat” button. Submit your request, and the person will coordinate with you based on their schedule and availability.

Do I need to have special skills to create a campaign?

No. You’re perfect just the way you are! And many would value the unique lens and experiences life has offered you.

Can I become an Advice Giver?

Anyone with knowledge to share can become a MindMeet Advice Giver! Simply create or support a fundraising campaign, complete your profile, and select your rate for a 15-minute virtual call.

How else can I help MindMeet’s mission?

The best way to support MindMeet is to share our platform with your friends, family, and professional networks. Whether you’re uplifting a campaign or sharing your profile, we appreciate your help in spreading our message.

How are MindMeet rates determined?

Our Advice Givers set their own rates for a 15-minute video call.

What is your platform fee?

MindMeet takes a 15% administrative fee for successful MindMeet.

How do I cancel or reschedule a MindMeet meeting?

You can easily manage your meetings through your MindMeet account.

What if the Advice Giver does not show up for the MindMeet virtual call?

Your card will not be charged and any pending funds will be released.

What forms of payment do you accept?

MindMeet accepts payment by credit card or PayPal.