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I am a poet, spoken word artist and educator living in Canada. I would love to learn with and from you, if you are interested in the arts, expressive potential, and Black creativity.

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Poet, Spoken Word Artist & Teacher

Brandon Wint (born September 13th, 1988) is a poet, spoken word artist, and prominent teacher of writing, currently living in Edmonton, Alberta. He is, best known for his ability to cogently articulate the mysteries of love, romance and kindness in his poetry. He is a poet who uses the potential of writing and speaking to articulate the beauties of the world, and where possible, the silver-linings that underscore the ugliness and struggle that is inherent to the human condition. His typically soft-spoken, musical and delicately-rendered spoken word pieces have garnered attention and admiration from audience members across Canada and in far-away places like England and Australia, where his  life and work have been showcased on radio and in print. He is also a founding member of  highly-accomplished spoken word troupe, The Recipe. As a member of the troupe, Brandon, along with members Ian Keteku, Ikenna Onyegbula and Komi Olafimihan,has performed across Canada, including memorable sets at Vancouver Island Music Festival, House of Paint Urban Arts Festival, and Hillside community festival, among others.  Beyond his professional and competitive accolades, which include two national championships in the arena of poetry slam (2009 and 2010), and publication in Canada's first comprehensive anthology of contemporary black poetry-- The Great Black North, in 2012--- Brandon is beloved as a poet and teacher because his work presents a subtle but discernible passion. Brandon is a devoted practitioner of poetry, not just in the sense that he writes it and speaks it, but also in the sense that he realizes that poetry, like all art, is a reflection of the artist's relationship to life itself. Brandon is, therefore, a poet in his very way of living. He is a constant dreamer, a person who wishes to use poetry to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, the human and the Divine, the beautiful and the ugly.

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