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About Jagruti

Transformational Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

Jagruti Gala lives in Baroda, Gujarat. She considers herself an agent of transformation and is thrilled to constantly push the edge of the consciousness in her own self and in others, in order to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy! For more than a decade, her central focus has been to bring change into the world of children (new consciousness), through progressive educational spaces and family life. She is the Founder and Managing Trustee of a non-profit organization AURA (www.auraplace.com). She plays a leading role in content and training as co-founder Stones2Milestones (www.stones2milestones.com). Jagruti is also a certified professional coach and facilitates adults who want to transform their lives towards greater meaning and significance. She is part of the faculty team at Leadership That Works (www.leadershipthatworks.com). Jagruti has been trained in education and transformational practices from elite education institutions including Harvard and the Reggio Emilia schools of Italy. Her professional training also spans Coaching for Transformation, Emotional Intelligence, Non Violent Communication, Human Process Work and Appreciative Inquiry.

Jagruti's Expertise

  • Humanity
  • Beauty
  • Spirituality
  • Poetry
  • Learning
  • Prayer
  • Teaching
  • Life
  • Compassion
  • Dreams

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