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About Keke

Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert

As passionate and enthusiastic as she is talented, Keke has a true gift for makeup artistry, complemented by over two decades of experience. She is known for being a true chameleon with an utterly individualistic approach, ever aiming to create the best look suited to each client's needs. Whether sophisticated to avant-garde or barely there, she paints a face effortlessly from her soul. But while Keke is a keen listener, among her is a large flock of devotees who trust her so deeply that they simply ask her to "Keke-fy" them. Naturally, she's savvy with the latest trends. As the salons Beauty Director from Tom Ford, she also teaches clients how to look their absolute best everyday, and especially those who are concerned with aging. "Beauty gives people pleasure," says Keke. "Beauty gives people power, and it even gives people courage to be more of themselves." Keke is a calm, warm presence in this industry; her work is tremendously exciting.

Keke's Expertise

  • Makeup
  • Beauty
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • How to be a goddess
  • Visualizing your image

About the Cause

Zen Hospice Project Inc.

The Zen Hospice Project's mission is to help change the experience of dying and care giving. We create space for living that offers the opportunity for individuals, their loved ones and caregivers to find comfort, connection, and healing in this shared human experience. Through our pioneering model of care, we inspire each other to live fully.