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Raquel Díaz?

Visionary Artist & Creator

Brooklyn, New York

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About Raquel Díaz

Current occupation:
Visionary Artist & Creator
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Knowledge and Topics

Arts, Philosophy, Literature, Poetry, History

Their Charity

Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA, Inc. Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA, Inc.

To achieve our mission of eradicating extreme poverty and suffering, VFF dedicates itself to holistic development. We believe in being accountable for every dollar raised and spent. This means we aim to create highly effective, sustainable programs that not only tackle the symptoms of poverty such poor nutrition and disease, but also improve the underlying factors, including education, women’s empowerment, the environment, cultural development, community health, and recreation. We are changing lives by addressing the interconnected web of issues affecting every impoverished family: hunger, housing, healthcare, education, discrimination and sustainable farming. In this way, we are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty by empowering lives. We’re not asking for charity. We are seeking real solutions. We are seeking transformation.


Raquel Díaz is an original creator, currently based in Brooklyn, New York City. She aspires to revolutionize art and life through a genuine creative process. She co-founded Atelier-Bklyn with her husband, Alan Aine, where they showcase their art and express their truths.