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Head of Business Development at MindMeet

Tyler Braswell is the head of business development for MindMeet. Previously, Mr. Braswell worked at Avenue Capital Group, a global distressed credit fund, as the primary deal manager for Avenue’s billion dollar Performing Loans Strategy. A native of New York City, Mr. Braswell was exposed to the worlds of entrepreneurship and philanthropy at an early age when he started his career working for Endeavor Global, a nonprofit organization that supports high impact entrepreneurs in the emerging markets, as a member of Endeavor's New Country Expansion team. Mr. Braswell attended Boston College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Philosophy.

Tyler's Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy

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Global Citizens Circle’s mission since 1974 remains “to foster diversity, discussion, and constructive change in ourselves, our nation, and our world." Circles are respectful, highly interactive, moderated conversations where concerned individuals with diverse backgrounds add unique perspectives to each discussion. Working with a new generation who build on and re-envision Circles for the 21st Century, together we will co-create new ways of convening people for maximum impact. "As a member of the next generation and coming from a humble background in Nicaragua, I felt my opinions and ideas were valued at a Circle, even as I stood next to individuals who have accomplished great things. I saw how this special forum enables deep connections to take hold between people who may not otherwise have a chance to interact or learn from each other." - Nelly Ortiz