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Model, Actress, Author, Philanthropist

Wendy Fitzwilliam is a multi-talented lawyer, actress, model, singer, mother, TV Host, and beauty queen who made history when she was crowned Miss Universe in 1998, becoming the third woman of color and the second Trinidadian woman ever to capture the Miss Universe Crown. In June of 1998, Fitzwilliam was honored by the United Nations with the title of UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, a direct result of her commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS and the stereotypes associated with it in the Caribbean and the world generally. She has narrated videos for both UNAIDS and UNICEF on the plight of children and people living with HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. Her work with the UN continues as a UNFPA Face to Face Campaign Spokesperson. Fitzwilliam currently serves as host and co-executive producer of Caribbean's Next Top Model, the latest incarnation of the global reality television phenomenon, America's Next Top model. Adapted in more than 170 countries, the franchise, created by model Tyra Banks, offers contestants the opportunity to compete for lucrative modeling contracts. In her dual roles, Fitzwilliam seeks to create compelling entertainment, by using her professional experience and insights to challenge, mentor and advise contestants. When not working, Fitzwilliam engages in her most rewarding role of all: mother to her son, Ailan. Her compelling memoir, Letters to Ailan, was first written as an extended love letter to her then unborn son. She was persuaded by her Manager to publish the frank and touching story, which went on to enjoy both critical and commercial success.

Wendy's Expertise

  • Pageantry
  • Philanthropy
  • Law
  • Entrepreneurship